The Molasses Flood is looking for talent. We made The Flame in the Flood, and are looking for folks to help produce our next game. Our goal is to make games that live at the point where heart and soul meet rich systemic gameplay, and that take players to worlds that are unlike any they’ve seen before. We want to continue to expand our team with creative people who thrive on collaboration and supporting each of our own unique voices as creators.

We value unique voices and experiences, and encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply.

Positions are open to people who already have the ability to work in the U.S. We'd love to be able to hire people from all over the world, but unfortunately just don't have the resources to sponsor visas. Our office is located in Boston, MA, and all positions are full time on site.

We offer profit sharing, and great flexibility with working hours and in office requirements.

+Art Director

The Molasses Flood is seeking an Art Director to join in on the ground flood of a brand new project. As Art Director, you will establish the aesthetic of our new game and everything in it, from characters to environments, items to UI, even packaging and merch. You will be a central leader on a small but uber-experienced team, directing the work of the art team, and collaborating with design, production and engineering to ensure that all our goals -- commercial, artistic and experiential -- are achieved.

We are a company of ex-AAA game makers who believe in colorful characters, atmospheric worlds laden with history, and games with tons of heart. We’re looking for an artist with a strong personal voice who shares our beliefs. Join us, and let’s make beautiful things together!


  • Establish a strong artistic vision and identity, both for the game and for associated materials for merch, PR, etc.
  • Work with the Game Director and Producer to establish art production best practices and manage the art schedule. Help us make sure we can build this thing on-time and on-budget.
  • Work across disciplines, including engineering and design, to see that our visual and artistic goals are met.
  • Mentor other artists, help them get better at their craft
  • Work with and direct outsource artists and art teams
  • Help inspire a happy art team and a positive culture

Primary Skills

  • Strong personal artistic voice
  • Experience in both 3D and 2D art production
  • Strong organizational and production skillset
  • Excellent communication, both verbal and written
  • 5+ years of video game art production and at least 1 shipped game
  • Leadership experience

Nice to Have

  • Play a wide range of games
  • Great game design intuition
  • Concept art or design experience
  • Experience with UE4 or UE3
  • Technical chops, including
  • Ability to work with existing asset workflows and when necessary develop new ones
  • Ability to use and evaluate different production tools
  • Ability troubleshoot and address performance problems

Please submit a resume, cover letter and a link to your online portfolio. An art test may be required.

Feel free to apply via the form below, or via email:

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About Us


The Molasses Flood is a team of industry veterans based in Boston with years of experience in AAA development. We formed our studio after the closure of Irrational Games. Our debut title was The Flame in the Flood, an award winning game in which you travel a flooded riverland by raft, trying to survive with only your faithful dog at your side. We are currently working on our next project.